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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 12, 2020 3:00am-5:59am PST

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louisiana. hillary clinton in the 2016 >> interesting. w yang dropped out. thiel it's just -- right now the flames are the news this morning in the new >> and, you know, i will say he cocontained and no one is hurt. election, you may remember. so you weren't surprised, you york post is there's some steve: in fact, the last speculation that andrew yang may did bring a lot of different this cell phone video shows how think that was a big moment, i'm the initial fireball lit up the republican to win new hampshire not for bernie and that whole run for mayor in new york city. topics -- >> absolutely. >> more interesting. >> a totally different kind of night sky. was george w. bush in 2000, so socialism thing. there is no word yet on how that what is the president's strategy >> no. i think that was a turning note ainsley: didn't he mention candidates for the democrats. >> thanks, carly. fire started. going forward to win the granite her campaign, and i think that's universal basic income? >> thanks, guys. democrats call for an state that we are sitting in? going to jettison her into the wanted everyone to make -- >> "fox & friends" starts investigation into the ainsley: let's can ask national brian: $1,000 a month. right now. have a good day. department of justice after future. many. ♪ senior officials asked for a press secretary for trump's 2020 >> chris, thank you very much. ainsley: and once you make over light arer prison sentence for ken, how you doing? that, the government gets the >> good. >> you voted -- you're a rest of your paycheck? roger stone. the foreman trump adviser was campaign kayleigh mcenany. democrat who often crosses over not into that. hey, what's your reaction to to vote for republican, voted steve: so it was bernie, brian: all right. convicted of lying to congress these results in he got the most and witness tampering stemming for the president, but you voted buttigieg and amy, so let's take from the mueller probe. votes for an inbent president -- in the democratic primary. bernie sanders declared the a look at our results delegate winner of the new hampshire the doj originally recommended who'd you vote for? primary. incumbent in the last four >> tulsi gabbard, primarily wise -- up to nine years in prison, but ainsley: it really does come down to the delegateses. >> the vermont senator says he's decades. >> absolutely. because i watched the democratic it reduced that sentencing i just did some calculating. whoever has the most, and suggestion the next day. i think it's a fair comparison debates, and i just liked her buttigieg -- even though he's just getting started. neck and neck with sanders -- >> thank you, new hampshire! senate minority leader chuck to compare bernie sanders last style. i thought she was the most civil schumer tweeting, quote: the of all those on the debate he's ahead by one delegate with. night and president trump in this is a movement from coast to american people must have 2016 in the primaries. stage. didn't point fingers at anyone, confidence that justice in this president trump in a blue state 22. sanders has 21. i thought. country is dispensed got 30,000 more votes in the new just said what her plans were. warren has 8, klobuchar 7. coast. we're going to nevada, we're impartially. but it was her civility tone joe biden, 6. going to south carolina, we're four prosecutors stepped down hampshire primary than bernie going to win those states as over the recommendation. got last night. that appeals to me the most. that is a look at your in a blue state. styier, bloomberg, gabbard and well. that is astronomical. but i support the president, and [cheers and applause] headlines. i will send it back to you in i know that's the way i'm going i think it's a fair comparison. deval patrick don't have any. new hampshire. in november. >> did it surprise you that and president trump, he's the steve: and the crowd went while. brian: okay, jillian, thank you victor of last night's primary. bernie won, that it was that brian: it's going to be close? interesting to see if elizabeth mayor pete buttigieg coming in a very much. what was your assessment? warren has a way forward into steve: at 6:16 here in new steve: what do you make of the >> i guess i was more surprised hampshire, what do voters in fact that bernie came in first nevada. close second and senator amy and pleased, to be honest with ainsley: no one's ever won the this state think of the results? nomination that didn't come in klobuchar rounding out the top followed by booth buttigieg and you, that the vote was closer pete hegseth is having breakfast just to jumble things up. first or second in these last three after a last minute surge with friends at the very first then amy klobuchar after having
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i'm glad bernie didn't literally two races. of support after the debate on diner we ever visited. brian: and if biden continues to he's back in the kitchen at the a really good debate, suddenly run away with it, personally friday night. brian: the night not great for she's like, well, these other speaking. >> and you brought a book there, airport diner making a sloppy fade, klobuchar in theory would people we don't know about, ken. brian, he's got a copy of your joe biden. pancake. brian: that was a premature maybe -- >> what that tells me is there's continue to benefit. the former vp left for south book. here's the problem, you signed she almost has no infrastructure flip, and there's two of them in a flavor of the hour in the it this morning, and now right there, and there's not much of a carolina around 11:30 before all a row. something's got to stop. democratic party. there and now it's been soil pathway forward according to -- the votes were counted. what is that about? ainsley: plus, hillary clinton we heard poke pocahontas was on, with my signature as well, for mayor pete. he was supposed to do, if he was why was that a good move? took new hampshire in 2016, and brian. then mayor pete, bernie on top. i apologize. going to do anything, he was what kind of message is that to the state hasn't voted red in 20 i didn't write a word of that going to do it in those first new hampshire? there's such discontent with the book, but i'm taking credit for he basically told new hampshire two contests. to go jump in a lake. years. democrat field. minority support has not been what's trump's plan to tinter compare that to 2016 with it. there. let's see if it changes. steve: he saw the writing on the president trump, he was always around? national secretary for the's cay [inaudible conversations] [laughter] steve: as we just heard from wall, and joe biden had a very on top of the national polls, he was also always the foregone >> we do what we can. juan williams, he thinks bernie bad night. welcome to postgame show live come on out to the airport diner from the bedford village inn victor, and the leader of our sanders could actually run the is here, and she's coming up here in manchester. table now given his win last once again. party were 95% approval. brian: absolutely. got a lot to talk about. next. >> make four years great again. night. it's two in a row for bernie. >> can you believe klobuchar got steve: morning. ♪ brian: joe biden's been hideous my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! ainsley: how far away is that we went out to the bernie bash more votes than elizabeth warren on the stump from our set? last night to meet the people he went 70 days without taking >> five miles away, so if things who voted for the democratic and joe biden combined. any questions, and donald trump don't go well, i'll be back socialist from vermont, and and did the opposite. he took all questions, all onset. they weren't feeling the bern, brian: he walked away with six steve: if you're in the area, comers, all shows. top on by, have some breakfast last night it was more of an delegates, eight overall. in the big picture, this works infer know. griff jenkins is live in out good for mike bloom with pete and the nice folks. downtown manchester. it's not getting in my way. bloomberg. we told him to go there, he has he's waiting on super tuesday. ainsley: well, if things don't joint pain, swelling, tenderness... go well here, we might be he wanted no dominant player in inferno. welcome to the bernie sanders a mind of his own. ...much better. joining you. victory party. my psoriasis, clearer... >> we've got cameras. >> reporter: good morning to bernie's going to be here in a you. and you're right, look at the march. brian: indeed, you do. minute, but before he a arrives, patient here, the manchester cosentyx works on all of this. sand isers' win was not a big the weird thing about that let's talk to some of the people high-five. >> yeah. diner, they have planes hanging about why they voted for bernie, four years and counting. but, look, mike bloomberg, from the ceiling? union leader.
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so watch out. you can' this, or i'm kind of holding up in a gale force wind, lackluster performance last night. bernie! why did bernie win? i got this! he has a lot of billions, but he >> well, bernie refused to kiss watch me. doesn't have a lot of voters. real people with active psoriatic arthritis steve: i do not. but amy klobuchar saying it is mike bloomberg can try to buy an brian: planes hanging from the the ring of the establishment. are feeling real relief with cosentyx. ceiling. ainsley: that makes sense. he can't be controlled or election, there's no appetite tight at the top. cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. brian: and i asked the owners, and the openers said -- the bought, he's only accountable to but it is not the comfortable for that. the working place. he's a pipe dream. win by bernie sanders when he it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic he will be in the -- owners said we don't know. >> he's going to basically provide the same opportunities arthritis to help you look and feel better. iowas ames when were you there? for the generations behind me four years ago when he stomped steve: but ultimately, the that i had. my father came out of poverty, it even helps stop further joint damage. democrats are railing against hillary clinton. with theirs -- billionaires, so buttigieg closing in on him. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. and i'd hate to see the children brian: yesterday. here are both claiming victory before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. how do they rally around him? steve: coming up, now it's time to check in with jillwith ian last night. >> let me say tonight that this an increased risk of infections >> sure. this is a party where 65 percent poverty. steve: what's the number one and lowered ability... fight them may occur. who -- jillian, and your lead thing bernie stand for in your tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, of democratic voters believe in story tax us to chicago. life? victory here is the beginning of >> that's right. >> well, i mean, the defining if your inflammatory socialism. they're voting for bernie issue is definitely medicare for the end for donald trump. bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... good morning to you. sanders, a guy who literally all, health care for all. [cheers and applause] ...or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. says the soviet union does >> i would say health care. >> just taking care of the serious allergic reactions may occur. things better than the united states. i just look and feel better. that is the democratic party jussie smollett's legal team slams new charges in his alleged elderly, the social security. today -- hate crime hoax. a special prosecutor indicting >> climate change. i got real relief with cosentyx. ainsley: what about buttigieg? the former report revealed gregy but i think next to that is >> thanks to you, a campaign we've seen him do well in these that some said shouldn't be here watch me! wealth distribution. feel real relief. last two states, but how does he steve: are you worried that at all has shown that we are ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. fare in nevada and south bernie's got big plans that he carolina? doesn't know how to pay for? here to stay. >> he's on bernie's heels, no >> he has a set plan for every [cheers and applause] doubt about it. single policy that he puts in we try to distinguish between place. >> reporter: and let's take a it all comes from our taxes, the candidates ideologically. it's not a complex idea. buttigieg is not a moderate, he >> taxing corporations in the look at those numbers. sanders, 25.73. way the senator's talking about butte judge, 24.44. wants medicare buy-in which would crowd out or reducing the military budget klobuchar, 19.8, stunning people employer-provided insurance, he even by a small fraction would wants the green new deal, he go a long way towards paying for here. wants get rid of tax cuts.
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warren, 9.3. programs that are feasible in biden, 8.4. two big stories here. most other countries. >> america is the greatest he is a moderate, but he's also country, and it's time we catch number one, amy has arrived, and on bernie sanders' heel. up. she is a moderate voice to be steve: is america ready for a reckoned with. here is what she told reporters. >> i am so happy. steve: we saw his hand go up socialist president? >> he's a democratic socialist, i have beaten the odds more than when the question was health care for people in the country and it's fine. >> socialism has such a negative kim reported himself driving towards or the tent in that, and, you know, i'm not illegally. >> that was a really revealing jacksonville, florida. the video cut before he hit connotation in the united states, but, i mean, really the moment. it's timcan it helpltimate sleep nukeep me asleep?he sleep number 360 smart bed. anything. flights to take type of socialism that he's bolted to my nat desk anymore, brian: i didn't speak to you talking about is what's absolutely, it senses your movements and about this, every person who's automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. related to trump and the happening in stand knave ya and and i was a able to get out here save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. republican party wants bernie more european countries. sanders. >> look, we'll take any of them. >> bernie is is what this in new hampshire, and it's made plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time we love bernie, buttigieg, we country needs. [cheers and applause] a big difference. imagine what i'll do in n. >> together i have no doubt that >> reporter: the other story, biden bombing. if you looked at america like a bird want biden. we will defeat donald trump. many wondering whether he can ing. steve: let's see if he rolls out and that was all you knew, would you really understand it, thank you all very much. [cheers and applause] bounce back. in k. he fled to south carolina, as all right, thank you very much. you mentioned, counting on with just that point of view? thanks for joining us up here. african-american support he was >> anytime. off without insuring air steve: and i talked to a lot of committing a geographical gap ainsley: she just had a baby 12 we've got a different way to look at it. people who were in attendance weeks ago. last night, and they were from already in the palmetto state. from right here on the ground. worthiness. watch this. southwest says it adamantly -- other states. >> it is important that iowa and we don't just the united states. we see united towns. baby's on the road with your they were part of the get out mom. your mom's a saint. the vote campaign which was very nevada have spoken but, look, we bernie sanders trying to cash in success. they're going to move on to hear from nevada and south on his primary win. south carolina and then nevada carolina and super tuesday from where we sit, just down the street, >> this is a movement which is if as well. and his supporters, a lot of states and beyond. says the audit came after a near the post office, by the park, demanding that we finally have them were with him four years whistleblower complaint and a >> reporter: and we lost ago, they have no intention of when we stop and look around, what we see are sparks. an economy and a government that supporting anybody but -- andrew yang along with senator brian: so that's the problem. if they do, if he does lose --
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mike bennett. works for all of us. up next to nevada we go february ♪ explosion in 2018. and let's say there's no sparks of hope, of compassion, of communities ♪ 22nd, a week after that will be steve: speak of working, how do underhandedness to it, there's no reason to say the democratic south carolina. business owners here in new brian, ainsley, steve? who stand firm. party's up to something -- when neighbors lift each other up, hampshire feel about that? steve: thank you very much, a panel to discuss, you're next steve: griff. [inaudible] brian: right. number one, number two, number expecting nothing in return. on "fox & friends" live from how do you convince bernie the fed ambassador village three, you've got bernie, the we're grateful for what you bring, supporters to support somebody inn -- bedford village inn. else in that's the key. buttigieg and amy klobuchar. hillary to this day believes we were just talking about what and all the sparks you've shown, ♪ that if bernie got behind her -- ♪ do they all have in common? in the thousands of towns that we get to call home. when it comes to autism, despite the dnc not bringing a steve: earlier. brian: right. debate to fox news channel, as >> but the bernie people feel it turns out, all three of them ♪ like the dnc did not do him any did interviews with fox news, and all three of them had town favors in -- brian: true. steve: they're worried about it halls x they finished in the before discovering nexium 24hr right now, but nonetheless are to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine with the wind at his back, they one, two and three position p. elizabeth warren did not do a enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. think he's got a much better town hall. now no fruit is forbidden. finding the right words can be tough. chance. they would also a like to see neither did joe biden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts finding understanding doesn't have to be. ainsley: we know from 2016 the for all-day, all-night protection. bernie/bloomberg. ainsley: well, they're so can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? opposite, president trump bernie. that just shows you how divided candidates that didn't do it our country is. once more democrats drop out if they go to bernie, it's didn't necessarily farewell. unbelievable when you hear the i remember talking to someone word socialism. with the hillary clinton remember when hewh? campaign, and she said our together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world biggest mistake was not going on for all-day, amazon prime videoion. so when you say words like, fox news, on, but steve: not one person had a "show me best of prime video" for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. problem with electing a into this, you'll see awesome stuff like this.
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democratic socialist. ainsley: that one man said my she refused to come on. could discover prime originals like, father came out of poverty, i the emmy award winning the marvelous mrs. maisel, don't want my grandkids to go tom clancy's jack ryan, back into poverty, but i'm and the man in the high castle. thinking the economy is doing so all in the same place as your live tv. well under president trump, but it's all included with your amazon prime membership. yet he's at a bernie rally. brian: american people were that's how xfinity makes tv... asked, every single one of them, will they vote for a socialist? simple. easy. awesome. ♪ i'm feeing good right now 53% said they would not. you know that look? 45% said they would -- resign as early as today. go to i think the biggest surprise, steve: that's only 8 points. brian brian right. perhaps, elizabeth warren. and that's scary. if you look at the time and a monmouth poll said do you think the president of the money she put in, if you look at >> man: what's my my my livelihood. united states will get reelected. the electorate which is 57% of so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me. basically, 66% believe that the voters were with female, up two points, majority of voters donald trump will be reelected. were college graduates, at least >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. ainsley: the question is -- you ...with service i could trust. right, girl? 53%, somewhat liberal, 60%, i have your bernie voters, but don't know how she >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ where do the other democrats go? do they vote for donald trump if rationallallizes going forward, it is between bernie and if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, president trump? that should be a boondoggle for little things can become your big moment. steve: there are going to eventually be two lanes, the bernie sanders. that's why there's otezla. bernie and then the moderate. ainsley: no democrat has ever otezla is not a cream. and amy klobuchar, after her it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. won the nomination without great debate performance on friday, got a lot of momentum. winning iowa or new hampshire. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. so the biggest surprise for me ♪ ♪ lost to but then again, a lot of people
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said they were voting for mayor was biden. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. former vice president, had so pete buttigieg because they felt it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. much momentum going into this, that he was a more moderate but then i believe the otezla is associated... candidate. but when you look at his record, ...with an increased risk of depression. impeachment thing with his he's not really that moderate. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... son -- so i would imagine going brian: he's been terrible on the ...or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. forward, you know, a lot of the stump. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. democratic rivals are going to be painting pete buttigieg as he told wmur reporter get that your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. not the moderate, and i'm sure that life of the party look upper respiratory tract infection the president of the united microphone out of my face. and headache may occur. walk it off look states is going to do the same. good night, everybody. tell your doctor about your medicines, one more mile look ainsley: south carolina, 200 and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ainsley: i'd like to learn more reply all look own your look... about amy klobuchar. people in front of the state otezla. ...with fewer lines. if you're watching, please join show more of you. there's only one botox® cosmetic. capitol, and he said i'm going us, because we'd like to -- it's the only one... to fight for my life. (honk!) i hear you sister. ...fda approved... brian: she's got a youtube temporarily make frown lines... that's why i'm partnering with cigna bio. steve: she has been on the he's going to try to get the ...crow's feet... ...and forehead lines... channel before. to remind you to go in for your annual check-up, ...look better. brian: as steve mentioned, mike the effects of botox® cosmetic, black voters. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel steve: bernie sanders, and now may spread hours to weeks after injection, bloomberg and bernie sanders could be set to square off - physically and emotionally. causing serious symptoms. he's 1-2 with iowa and new alert your doctor right away beginning on super tuesday in but now cigna has a plan that can help everyone see stress differently. as difficulty swallowing, nevada because they've changed hampshire, but he won in the speaking, breathing, the rules for the dnc saying you eye problems, or muscle weakness worst way. just find a period of time to unwind. he got 75,000 fewer votes may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't need a certain amount of a location to de-stress. an activity to enjoy. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. donors, just a certain yesterday than he did four years or the name of someone to talk to. side effects may include allergic reactions, percentage. michael bloomberg is third, ago. to create a plan that works for you, remember, visit injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, bernie first, senator bernie sanders weighed in on the cigna. together, all the way. and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, bloomberg candidacy last night. muscle or nerve conditions,
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and medications including botulinum toxins >> mike bloomberg and anybody as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. else has every right in the so, give that just saw a puppy look. world to run for president of the united states. and whatever that look is. i've got a real problem with look like you... with fewer lines. multibillionaires literally buying elections. see results at brian: he's not buying an election, but he's not asking for donations. steve: he's buying commercials. a former army medic, made of the we maflexibility to handle members like kate. you'd like to know more about -- whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. ainsley: klobuchar? him. he's obviously got huge enthusiasm from his supporters, steve: exactly. but i think if you're looking the commercial looks great. for a story out of here as to so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. ainsley: michael bloomberg who surprised, well, buttigieg she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... worked for everything that he did fine, he's in the thick of has. it. he started a company that every it's klobuchar who did have some i got this. new yorker in finance depends usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. on. i don't like how you blame much. : being third isn't great, but someone because they're a she can even pick her payment plan she's in the hunt, and she'll go so it's easy on her budget and her life. billionaire. on. brian: oh, i know. rest of the field, i think most usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ainsley: just seems so envious. of them are probably finished the. brian: juan williams with will usaa steve: here's donald trump talking about who he would like be are joining us later. to run against. but real quick, it's obviously is it bloomberg in is it bernie joe biden, the front-runner in he's the president at -- here's most of the polls since last the president yesterday afternoon. >> frankly, i'd rather run year, has up of a disaster in against bloomberg than bernie his first two rounds. he said i need a more diverse sanders because sanders has real followers, whether you like him electorate. you know, this is the most -- or not, whether you agree with
3:08 am
iowa and new hampshire are him or not. great, but they're mostly white. i happen to think it's terrible, so he's going to hope for better what he says. ♪ but he has followers. luck in nevada in the caucus p. ♪ he went right to south carolina. >> this is a movement which is bloomberg's just buying his way in. "the new york post" was not buying it. steve: and the prime minister's ainsley: no, this was their demanding that we finally have right. an economy and a government that bernie -- and the president's headline. say it ain't joe: biden's right. bernie sanders' voters are big works for all of us. spectacular collapse as dem followers. they would follow him anywhere. leader. he left the state, new juan and i were talking about hampshire, before the policy brian: there you go, senator how things that have been said even closed to go down to. about donald trump's core bernie sanders taking a victory lap after narrowly winning the audience could be said about steve: right. bernie sanders. democratic primary new hampshire brian: but the big difference and it was just a couple of months ago that joe biden made a even though it's so close to donald trump was talking about prediction if, it was a bold vermont. republican issues. with the economy surging in the maybe on trade he was a little one, and, boy, was he wrong. granite state which now has the bit different, maybe on certain watch. >> i plan on trying to win in sixth lowest unemployment rate tax plans. new hampshire. in the country, do voters necessarily want a progressive bernie's talking about something i'm not here to come in second. in the white house? dramatically different than any let's ask our panel of local other democratic candidate i never enter anything to come ever -- in second. business leaders, corinna steve: clear choice. i am the clear front-runner of brian: right. it's a clear choice. the party. i'm ahead on the national but trump was a possessor ifalty average of all the polls by 7, cisneros is playing in the running on the -- personality middle, paul roy from the 8%. new hampshire and iowa are running as a republican. important, and i plan on winning construction company, and tom he's not even a democrat, and he's a socialist. new hampshire. boucher, great new hampshire knocked on some doors because -- restaurant and copper door ainsley: the party has changed [inaudible] so quickly. over the last four, five years restaurant. corinna, to you: to you sense [applause] the party has gone extreme left. brian: keep in mind this thing's maybe because of millennials? breaking exactly the way mike that bernie sanders' message bloomberged had hoped. steve: look at the country resonates with the overall itself in that poll we showed
3:09 am
that lane that joe biden was in, state? >> no. brian: why? you. it's just eight points away from he was dominating, it will be >> because the economy is doing great in new hampshire. would you like a socialist extremely tough. we have low unemployment. president or not? of it's not going to be easy, as a realtor, there is demand brian: one person who never but right now mini mike is for housing. changes is jillian. waiting for super tuesday -- we're off the charts in terms of she's also the same. steve: who? she's miss consistent city. brian: and he is third overall demand. so the overall sensation in new >> i'll take it. in the real clear average thank you very much. hampshire is that we're doing good morning to you guys. national poll. great. let's begin with this breaking brian: so you're getting peopling you were saying, from overnight, a massive fire breaks ing. out at an exxonmobil refinery. ainsley: joe biden was saying in massachusetts and connecticut who want to relocate here. that sound bite i'm not here to you have zero state tax, zero take a look, you can see the finish second. flames ripping through the he finished fifth. facility in baton rouge, brian: so he was right. louisiana. right now the flames are [laughter] steve: i went to the bernie bash contained and, thankfully, no tate tax. >> median home price in new last night at the southern new one is hunter. hampshire is just under this cell phone video shows how hampshire university fieldhouse, $300,000. and they would like to see it brian: paul, you have also a the initial fireball lit up the night sky. come down to bernie and situation where you have full -- no word yet on how the fire bloomberg. you have more people working, started. four federal prosecutors they think that that would be a the unemployment is actually stepped down after senior doj great finale. lore, and your growth is even i also talked to a lot of the greater in this state. does that change things for the officials asked for a lighter people who are very excited, it prison sentence for roger stone. president four years later when the former trump adviser was was a late call but nonetheless, he tries to get the state? convicted of lying to congress they were very excited because >> well, no. as long as he stays the course, and witness tampering stemming bernie was the number one person from the mueller probe. according to the exit polls with everything is going very, very the prosecutors originally younger and more progressive recommended up to nine years, but the u.s. attorney for people. and here are some of them right well for us. washington, d.c. asked for far we've increased our volume by less time the next day. here. almostatterns stay true, senate minority leader chuck
3:10 am
>> welcome to the bernie sanders schumer calling for an we'll continue to do well. investigation tweeting, quote: victory party. but our one restriction right the american people must have bernie's going to be here in a minute, but before he arrives, now is we don't have enough confidence that justice in this let's talk to some of the people trained personnel to work for us. brian: what do you mean? country is dispensed impardon about why they voted for bernie, >> welk, there's just -- in mely. isn't a company in the state -- impartially. right now that has all their there is a new top dog in bernie! why did bernie win? positions filled. town. >> the best in show goes to -- >> well, bernie refused to kiss brian: wow. [inaudible] [cheers and applause] >> it's extremely difficult -- the ring of the blarement. brian: so if you can swing a ainsley: what does this mean for he can't be controlled, he can't the race as candidates gear up hammer, come to new hampshire. for hfd and south carolina? >> no, the train personnel -- be bought. he's going to basically provide steve: juan williams was awoken >> siba is the fifth standard yes, absolutely. the architects, the engineers, the same opportunities for the poodle to win best in show, but generation that's behind me that the construction managers and the internet very divided on the superintendents, they're just a shortage of those type of this one. some say it should have been i had. my father came out of poverty, people in the state, and that's >> and i did it yesterday for daniel, the golden retriever, and i hate to see the children who had won over hearts across what's restricting our further you too. under me going back into growth. ainsley: what happened to so america after taking number one poverty. brian: tom, i think in the many of you on the property in the sporting category and steve: what's the number one restaurant business if people complained, because the band was hugging his handler. thing bernie sand for in your have extra money, they'll go out look how cute! life? to eat. right out here. we said, okay, we won't start >> the defining issue is if they don't, it's the first folks tweeting things like a definitely medicare for all, thing they'll cut. are you seeing it? good ifing winning over a golden health care for all. >> i would say health care. >> not here in new hampshire, factor in the fact that they >> just taking care of the we've had a very strong -- need to practice. retriever, everything that's >> other people complained? wrong with our country. brian: indications that people this twitter user shared a photo elderly, the social security -- have the money? i just expect it. >> climate change. i said "fox & friends"? of winner siba saying me when but i think next to that is >> they do. similar to paul's situation, we [laughter] gotta do it. wealth distribution. daniel's name budget called for steve: are you worried that have a very hard cry for help in best in show. steve: so let's talk about last [laughter] i do love human names bernie's got big plans that he night. the hospitality industry. what's your headline? for dogs, so that's why i do doesn't know how to pay for? >> i think it's pretty clear we're very shy of the amount of that bernie sanders is the >> he has a sent plan for every workers we need. dominant front-runner in the love daniel. steve: and we named our golden single policy, and it's really brian: you know, they say
3:11 am
there's seven million job democratic field anding you know, in position to run the not a complex idea. retriever charlie back in the >> taxing corporations the way openings in the country. table if we're talking about the senator's talking about, what does that make you feel, day. ainsley: who doesn't love a golden retriever? pool. it's just unbelievable. they're the sweetest -- corinna, when people say they i don't think that he can, in reducing the military budget don't have a job? steve: has never won the show. even by a small fraction would >> well, it's very sad. go a long way towards paying for fact, they're going to pull an ainsley: they win our hearts. i became a u.s. citizen just two upset in south carolina, but programs that are feasible in he's in position, brian, to do years ago -- very well in nevada. they're all amazing. most other countries. >> america is the greatest brian: where are you from? last night at dinner i said i'm relationship brian yeah. country, it's time we catch up. >> venezuela originally. but here's the thing, do you this is my first presidential think we're spending too much steve: are we ready for a debating what kind of dog to election. time focus on his narrow victory socialist president? i'm proud to be an american and comparing it to 2016? get, i said toy pooled, and >> he's a democratic socialist, citizen, and just to be in new every guy went, no! hampshire -- brian: live free or die. a lot of people think he should you can't get a poodle. and they're ready for the time. >> live free or die. i like a poodle. >> it has such a negative not be celebrating that much. i'm living the american dream. a win's a win, i get it, he brian: then get a poodle. steve: it's america. connotation, but really the kind brian: and does it bother you all right. that the american dream for coming up on this -- let's see, of socialist you talk about is barely beat a mayor from south bernie sanders' supporters is it seems like it's probably -- i what's happening in scandinavia bend. >> i agree. can't keep track of the days, what you left, social nhl. last night i heard people saying and more european countries. >> it bothers me a lot because i this is not -- i think it was 22 but it's a wednesday. ing. still ahead four years ago "fox >> bernie is what this country lived socialism. needs. i left socialism. & friends" visitedded our very first diner right here in new >> together i have no doubt that socialism is not the answer for is not that. america. we will succeed donald trump. brian: right. but the reality is that you have hampshire. we had chris christie, the prime paul, when you look at a message a big divide in the party, and minister, tucker carlson -- the that resonates on the left, if if you added up all the votes president, we had jeb, ted cruz. thank you all very much. [cheers and applause] you say the economy's bad and last night, actually, the not good for everyone, does that moderate, the conservative democrat dominated. steve: and the top three issues resonate in new hampshire? ainsley: plus, joe biden says >> i think it's really like a amy klobuchar would be with the people there last night representative of that really fool's gold chase because not but what you see is that sanders he's still in it to win it were health care, tuition-free everything is for free. despite his fifth place new and, you know, in today's world dominates among liberals, among hampshire finish. college and marijuana as well. young people, and i don't know >> it ain't over, man, we're
3:12 am
[laughter] i did not talk to one person who if you went to any of his just getting started. at least around here you can [cheers and applause] had a problem with a democratic rallies around here, but they definitely better yourself. were passionate. they are fired up and ready to socialist becoming the president of the united states. brian: right. go. ainsley: juan, bottom line is ainsley: corey lewandowski says not one person had a problem can he beat donald trump? he hopes so, and he's on deck. with that. >> and with opportunity, there's >> i don't know at this come on out, corey. and they were sporting these tons of opportunity within the juncture. ♪ buttons that said bernie beats clearly, donald trump is just a ♪ state. brian: they're also talking master of labeling and sometimes about doubling minimum wage. bullying opponentings. trump, which was brand new what does that do to your he calls him crazy bernie, he because that now is the mantra business? calls him a communist, he's not on the democratic side. >> it would crush it. brian brian that means you don't everybody says, because they a socialist. know the number one issue with like working class people. some people think he's easily >> you know, the challenge is bloodied by that kind of assault democrats is who can beat trump. that a federal minimum wage now they all say -- coming from the president. doesn't work across the country. but it worries democrats, i tell ainsley: once some of these i was just talking to someone in folks drop out, it's going to be you, even more, ainsley, down interesting who gets, where mississippi yesterday, the ticket. their voters go. minimum wage is $2.13. if he's at the top of the ticket, what happens in the like, when biden drops out, he's san francisco is $15 plus a senate, what does it mean for democrats running in the senate. local health insurance, it's got but i do think if you with more conservative -- to be localized. underestimate him -- and here steve: amy klobuchar. brian: it's true. especially in your business. i'm really quoting the "wall ainsley: right. i worked in the restaurant street journal" editorial then warren drops out, do they business for a long time. page -- he sure looks a lot like you do it for the tips. go to bernie? you don't do it for the wages. a guy in 2016, donald trump, brian: his pathway forward does also when it comes to health care, that is the number one not look clear. issue people voted on yesterday. that people underestimated. what's your thought? meanwhile, brad pass w -- parks as a business other than. >> well, i'm not the owner of the company. the&"&q7t republicancch>úéáxk i wish i was, but, no. populace. socialist. scale, he says the enthusiasm is health care is definitely an he's aked#bq issue. record breaking. that's one of the things that we the president received more new struggle with. democratic populist.
3:13 am
the cost of health care has to i think in the age of political hampshire primary votes than any be looked at and, or you know, populism, you will see. the senate and the house also this is what i was saying a few my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! incumbent running for are to get onboard. minutes ago. re-election of either party. his supporters, if you go to the on the democratic side, it was i mean, you know, the prime it's not getting in my way. minister's trying, but -- the rally, are are a mirror of trump joint pain, swelling, tenderness... overhyped probably because their president's trying, but when cast of candidates are so there's no can cooperation, it supporters. ...much better. it's the most incredible thing. my psoriasis, clearer... uninspiring. we still don't to know who the makes it very difficult. cosentyx works on all of this. brian: real quick in. and in the passion. opponent if will be, but >> there's a perfect storm in people i met last night would do president trump will crush new hampshire that's brewing. four years and counting. whoever it is. anything for bernie sanders. a monopoll says 59% say they we need 15,000 home units for so watch out. >> now, what broke out is interesting if you look at last i got this! expect trump to be reelected. our current work force, and night, the older people who go watch me. we're at a 15-year low in real people with active psoriatic arthritis ainsley: the thing you're to church regularly, they went are feeling real relief with cosentyx. talking so much about the inventory for homes. more for klobuchar, you know? democrats, many people didn't cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. know this was also a republican brian: wow. so it's going to be expensive expect younger people dominate. it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic primary. the president got the most votes unless people come up and pour but you go to the rallies, a lot arthritis to help you look and feel better. for any incumbent president in cement and build a house. thank you for all of us for of older folks are there for either party in the last four it even helps stop further joint damage. bringing us the real story of bernie, they look like bernie. decades. look at that, only 87% don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. new hampshire. all these politicians are coming before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. reporting, he till got -- still back. >> we'll see them in four years. ainsley: klobuchar was the only an increased risk of infections brian: no, i think you're going one who said i'm not a and lowered ability... got 120,400 votes. to see them pretty soon. fight them may occur. socialist. steve: you're watching "fox & tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory steve: it was when the president four years ago "fox & friends" live from new wound up going shortly, the day friends" went live at the bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... hampshire. >> here for the free coffee. ...or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. after the impeachment he wound diner for the very first time. serious allergic reactions may occur. then. ♪ up going to do a rally, and i just look and feel better. people were saying the reason we i got real relief with cosentyx. much differently then, his hair. are coming and the reason we are (howling wind) watch me! [laughter] feel real relief.
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3:18 am
with customizable coverage. steve: it's 7:00 in new that means momentum behind her. hampshire. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh. juan williams, this is your people will give her a sec look, -donny, no. -oh. wake-up call. and think she's going to run in [laughter] look at the cardinal marching that same lane that pete buttigieg is in, and you're band from bishop burton high going to see them ballot it out school right here in -- against bernie. ainsley: we apologize, martha's if. brian: is she getting what joe biden wasn't able to hold? bedroom is right back there with >> she came in here third place are where the band is, but they in new hampshire, getting the women vote. were so good yesterday, we joe biden didn't even get 7% in brought them back. and they brought the the exit polls of the men vote cheerleaders. in new hampshire. i don't know where he thinks brian: the good news for hannity he's going to go. he didn't get a -- hey, bernie e who said he's going to oversleep, said don't worry sanders got 42% of hispanic vote about it. ainsley: he's going on our in new hampshire. show. steve: and because we are now by far the large percentage of leaving at the conclusion -- any candidate according to the ♪ brian: i might not. exit polls. steve: -- we can reveal that our that's trouble for everybody ♪ >> this victory here is the else because bernie's talking about that coalition. rooms are -- ainsley: who got the most women beginning of the end for donald ainsley: right there. steve: it's like having a and who not the most trump! [cheers and applause] dressing room. my room is literally 20 feet african-american? away from this couch. >> buttigieg got the most women vote, and that's really ainsley: yesterday steve and i were having lunch, and we called important. >> we have been told by some we don't have a large brian. brian, we have a great idea, african-american population that you must either be for here, so there wasn't data on come and knock on our doors and that. revolution or you are for the but on the hispanic society say, get dressed. status quo, but where does that side, particularly important in leave the rest of us? brian: because i do say get nevada, 42% of that vote went to most americans don't see where dressed. to me, that is a way of waking bernie sanders.
3:19 am
they fit in that polarized steve: i also read the exit up. special thanks to martha north vision. >> senator sanders and mayor polls that, apparently if, amy maccallum and bret baier, klobuchar and pete buttigieg buttigieg are both great people, were, like, number one and and either one of them would be because we told them we were number two with late deciders, far better president than donald sleeping -- ainsley: we have results from people who walked in at the last trump. new hampshire. i respect them both. minute and thought what do i steve: welcome to the primary remember? [applause] postgame show, and the results i remember her good debate, i >> donald trump's presidency is are in. just beginning. democratic socialist bernie remember his rally. let's talk a little bit about sanders has been declared the it is important that iowa and the demise of joe biden, if that winner of the new hampshire nevada have spoken. primary. actually happened. didn't declare him until after how much should he blame nancy 11:00, but it was a sweet pelosi and the democrats in the brian: right to south carolina. victory for the man from vermont. house going forward with the brian: yep. won by about 4,000 votes. impeachment? because every time they would ainsley: it's iowa and new hampshire. pete buttigieg coming in second, talk about donald trump and democratic hopefuls all claiming senator amy klobuchar rounding ukraine and all that stuff, they can beat donald trump. out the top three. she was the surprise. invariably, the conversation what do the voters think? after a last minute surge of would turn to hunter biden and steve: well, four years ago we support that he earned from a burisma, and that didn't help joe. went to a place called the debate and her appearances and >> well, it didn't. airport diner near the airport daring to say i'm not and and, remember, joe had a comfortable with a socialist past in iowa. here in manchester, and it the other members who were leading the ticket. running for president were stuck ainsley: it is so shocking worked out so well, we have because look at this, joe biden, in the senate -- had a pass. dispatched pete hegseth to that he's already in south carolina. joe and pete had the field he left before the polls closed. location to talk to the folks cleared for themselves in iowa about what they saw here in the he came in fifth after ditching for almost two full weeks. granite state here yesterday. this state. pete? >> you know, steve, before we he headed down there the talk to joe can't get by the fact that the folks in front of the his son was making money because get to the folks, don't every we capitol in the columbia. steve: you know, something very of his last name, enriched have a clip, something down interesting, we are a number of himself because his father at memory lane of you here at the miles from downtown manchester, airport diner? the time was a vice president. i really just want to see steve but we just woke up with the that is a recurring theme, and it's hurting joe and his
3:20 am
four years ago. marching band. steve: really? griff jenkins, who's joining us credibility. joe's race is over. >> i think there's one with the live -- brian: he had no answer for it. president. let's play it. [laughter] you've got the breakdown on the results that everybody's talking he just yelled at people who asked him. about today. >> reporter: they're going to >> ask the right question! be talking about it a lot. oh, it's -- do we have it? steve, ainsley and brian, good brian: you're a dog face, ainsley: i think just a video, morning. bernie won for the second time whatever he called people. pete. here, but it was barely. can you imagine for one second [laughter] yeah, i remember that. let's take a look at the donald trump said that? >> i'm learning. numbers. you see him on top at 25.73%. >> every media outlet in the i'm new at this television thing. look at it though. country would be saying he hates it was a packed house right women. buttigieg, 24.44. hey, it's uncle joe, it's to be before the vote, and the interesting part is there were expected, don't worry. that's barely over 1 %. if he has good campaign people, candidates interviewed that day who were no longer candidates they'd say, joe, get out of the after of the polls closed in new klobuchar shocking everyone with race. hampshire and then again in a 19.8 finish. south carolina, joe's numbers warren, 9.3. nevada. and we will see that potentially and as you mentioned, biden just have completely collapsed. he's in big trouble. happen for democrats as well. really a disappointing showing, chris, you voted in the primary ainsley: watching what happens yesterday as a republican, here too. 8.4 in fifth place. >> well, and he left the people right? >> i did. now, you had bernie and of new hampshire before the race i voted yesterday surprised yout was called, very, very buttigieg both claiming victory last night. disappointing. steve: corey is one of the night's result? watch. >> let me say tonight that this people in new hampshire, thank >> i was really surprised -- i you very much for the hospitality. >> my pleasure. said amy klobuchar coming in steve: meanwhile, time is running out for struggling third, huge win for her. victory here is the beginning of presidential hopefuls. and i really think the reason who's going to make it to super the end for donald trump. why she came in third was at the tuesday? [cheers and applause] all-star political panel on that primary she raised her hand and coming up. they've got their coffee, said that she wasn't, he they're going to be on the couch wouldn't be happy with having a coming up next. socialist back, be the ♪ >> thanks to you, a campaign ♪
3:21 am
democratic nominee. ♪ that some said shouldn't be here so, i mean, it took gri at all has shown that we are here to stay. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: the biggest surprise is that third place finish by amy klobuchar. she was surging in the polls. she delivered last night, and she was telling the reporters last night that she is a voice to be reckoned with. ready to juvéderm® it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm® listen. >> we have beaten the odds every voluma™ xc. step of the way. [cheers and applause] add fullness to lips with juvéderm® ultra xc. we are taking this campaign to and smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm® xc. nevada. we are going to south carolina! tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease we are taking this message of the body's immune response, or that can prolong bleeding. common side effects include injection-site redness, unity to the country. swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps/bumps, >> reporter: but the biggest question is whether or not joe bruising, discoloration, or itching. biden can recover. as with all fillers, there is a rare risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel, he fled before the results were in to south carolina. which may cause vision abnormalities, he's counting on blindness, stroke, temporary scabs or scarring. african-american support, but will it be enough in well, he says it will. listen. >> where i come from, that's the opening bell. [laughter]
3:22 am
not the closing bell. >> reporter: now it's important to note that no juvéderm® it democrat since bill clinton has won the nomination without winning iowa or new hampshire. we'll see what happens with biden. but meanwhile, andrew yang and (v...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. the worst... michael bennett calling it quits. next up, guys, we all head to nevada february 22nd, then south at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] carolina the week after that. no doubt it's a two-man race with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. though right now as we leave the granite state. brian: are you even going to bring your coat? the all-new subaru forester. like, what's the weather in nevada? >> reporter: you never know. the safest forester ever. it gets kind of chilly out there at night and hot during the day in vegas. but i don't know about this for the past few weeks because, fun fact, a recent study suggests crime goes down coat. brian: the caucus thing is very when people tune in.. and football is awesome. exciting. might use that - win, win. to thank you for watching, steve: by the way, it currently we're kicking off adt's pass the protection contest. is 39 degrees. - it's your chance to win a $250,000 home makeover ainsley: and brian is so from adt, designed by us. - and a new adt smart home security system.
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3:25 am
>> this is the beginning of the end for donald trump. >> thanks to you, a campaign that some said shouldn't be here at all has shown that we are here to stay. >> where i come from, that's the opening bell. not the closing bell. [laughter] brian: he better hope so. democratic socialist bernie sanders wins the first primary in new hampshire, but the narrow distance between him and pete buttigieg is the story as joe bind keeps up the fate -- joe biden keeps up the faith. fox news contributor marc thiessen, tony katz, aid owe talk show host, charlie hurt. charlie, since you're the closest and hit me first, i'm going to go to grow first. what do you walk away with as the big story? >> has to be joe biden's disastrous -- brian: leaving at 11:30 in the morning. >> and i don't blame him, it turns occupant. it was a smart move. perhaps the only smart move that he's made. [laughter] no, it is an absolute disaster. i don't actually completely write him out because i think we
3:26 am
cannot overstate how much party establishment is terrified of bernie sanders. brian: do you agree, tony? >> oh, they're absolutely terrified of bernie, and in many ways rightfully so. you can talk about how those late voters, people who decided biden can't win this thing, they went to buttigieg, those early committers were bernie sanders supporters. they don't vote for buttigieg or klobuchar, and i think that's manager the party has to get into. the progressive wing will not vote for a moderate candidate. we are only beginning to see the fracturing and in-fighting of this party. >> i mean, sanders is the big winner -- brian: just 4,000 -- >> donald trump won by 35% with a sumly large are field -- similarly large field, so it's a must have tighter race. what you saw last night was the consolidation of the left lane. elizabeth warren's collapsed, about 35-36% of her voters go
3:27 am
over to bernie sanders once she finally gets out of the race. out, 21% of biden voters go to bernie sanders. so biden's collapse actually helps bernie sanders consolidate his base going -- brian: there's no logic to that. >> i thought that elizabeth warren was unbelievably kind towards amy cloab char in her speech yesterday, and i wonder if she's going to get into a whole feminist women power moment and try and push her people there. >> yeah. >> it's bernie or bust p from here on out, no doubt about it. one thing that's important to remember is bernie won 151,000 votes four years ago. last night he won, what, 70,000? >> yep. >> so that's -- exactly. that number of people voted for him four years ago and didn't vote for him last night. obviously, it's a more crowded field, but that does say something about the trouble the democrats are in whether they have bernie or whether they
3:28 am
switch forces and go with somebody else and then make all those bernie supporters mad -- >> they're torn between their heart and their head. why would a biden voter go to bernie sanders? because i wanted to go to bernie, but everyone told me brian: the people of south carolina are not going to vote for a loser just because they were told joe biden is their pick. [laughter] on the incumbent side, donald trump -- these first two contests mattered to hum. he sent his surrogates, they were wearing the zip-up sweat suits, and he got 120,000 votes. look at compared to barack obama did, george bush and bill clinton. what do you read into that? i know you're a trump supporter, but do you read something into that? >> the enthusiasm behind president trump right now is unmatched. it's also unmatched on the democratic side. the popularity must kill them. they must sit around -- >> they don't get it. >> in their faculty lounges and
3:29 am
say how is this -- we told america he's terrible, we told them he's a racist, and they won't listen to us. >> impeachment backfired, he went up ten points in popularity from the beginning of the impeachment process to the end. the problem he has, he's got 49% approval right now. his economic approval in the gallup poll is 63%. that means there are 14% of the american people who approve of his economic performance that don't approve of him. if he wants to win in a landslide, he's got to win that 14% over. those are people who after three years of the mueller probe and the impeachment inquiry and all this where he's been under unrelenting attack, now's the time to pivot and expand his base. brian: right. he did move on in some of his remarks. he hasn't been looking back to mueller. we'll see. i also think he wants to win new hampshire. and i think indications are he could make up the distance against whoever his opponent eventually is. >> most important lesson of last night? all top three finishers did fox
3:30 am
news town halls. brian: very interesting. >> you want to win? come to fox news. brian: america snbc used that same stat. [laughter] antonio, really wish you wore the pullover sweater. >> some of us are prepared. all right, guys. good job. i appreciate it. we'll see you back in new york. tony, we probably won't. [laughter] straight ahead, new york post column is here checking into our studio. ainsley's doing some checking in there. she's got no experience. pete hegseth is talking to voters at a very special diner or. pete? >> airport diner where it all started here in manchester, new hampshire. the whole diner series was born. i'm taking some orders here, but we're mostly just talking politics, aren't we? >> that's the best thing on the menu. >> also this is what they want me to tell you guys. don't go anywhere.
3:31 am
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-hello? -sorry, honey. [ telephone beeps ] butt dial. ♪ ♪ ♪ muck. ♪ ♪ steve: live from bedford, new hampshire, it's the cardinal marching band performing "sweet caroline." with a flourish. ainsley: hour we woke up martha and juan, and hemmer. sorry, brit hume, but this is a good song to wake up to at least. steve: they are the cardinals, and after yesterday when they appeared on our program, they got calls from all across the
3:36 am
country. brian: that's awesome. of all the bands, today did not complain about the weather. i felt so bad, they were outside. they just seemed to love it. ainsley: they're been out there since 4:30 this morning. steve: it was four years ago when we came up to new hampshire, we were looking to talk to the folks. we decided to go to a diner. we had never done it before. we wound up at the airport diner in manchester, and pete is there today with some of the folks and, of course, pete, we got it started, but we started with all the candidates; chris christie, donald trump, we had ted cruz, we had jeb, i think marco rubio was there. it was a full house. >> it was a full house. and a couple of them had to drop out, yeb and christie, after they didn't do well. you mentioned to me the waitress, her name is sue. she says hello but she's off today. four years from now you're going to have to be back and say hello to sue. they remember steve doocy here at the airport diner. i'm talking with dave and fran,
3:37 am
both of who voted for president trump. you have been a democrat in the past, however, you cross over every once in a while. when you look at the outcome of the democratic field here in new hampshire, what's your takeaway? >> i guess my biggest surprise was that bernie won, not by a lot, but he won. i didn't think the state was that far left. the fact that chief pocahontas, warren, didn't do well was not surprising. she's from massachusetts, and we know all about her. >> you're saying the fact that she was close to her home state actually probably hurt her a little bit. >> i difficult think so. >> fran, you also voted last night as well. the president had a surge of support even though -- on the democrat side, what are your takeaways? >> i didn't think bernie did as well as people think he did. yes, he won, but more narrowly. i think new hampshire's more open for a candidate like him, and i think buttigieg and klobuchar got together this
3:38 am
morning and said, okay, let's talk turkey and how about vice president slot, i think bernie would be toast. >> interesting idea. buttigieg/klobuchar, they combine the moderate vote, maybe the left-wing side would be outgunned. >> exactly. >> you heard it here first. could that be a possibility? we would have to credit fran with that. cooper and matt, cooper's 15, plays hockey. for sure, we've been talking all morning, matt, you watched these results, you live here in new hampshire. what's your take? >> i think it's been impressive to see everything that's happened here in new hampshire. to me, the shocking thing is the socialist platform. you know, i think the biggest things that we need to focus on in the country are really the economy, priority one, national security and the health care platform. you know, it's really tough for everybody to have a one single-payer platform in this economy with health care, and i i think that's a big issue. >> you feel like the left and democrats have focused on issues that really aren't in touch with people's lives. do you think they can get back
3:39 am
on track, or will socialism keep them away from things that a matter? >> i think it's going to keep them away from the things that matter. you know, i think focus on all these issues, again, the environment is a very important issue we need to focus on but, again, the real issues in the household -- the economy, you know, people's healthy living and also national security and safety is a big issue. >> very, very low unemployment rate here in new hampshire, so it's tough -- i'm sorry i didn't get to get my man across the street, it was his first time voting. regan, my apology withs, brother. he forgives me. thank you. back to you guys, about 5 miles away when i'm done here, i'm going to come get -- actually, i was going to say i'm going to get some free food there, i've got plenty here. brian: pete, can you point to the plane that's on the ceiling? >> point to the planes hanging from the ceiling. okay. there's one right here. brian: that's a in i'm talking about. that's all i ask. ainsley: airport diner. brian: i just thought it was so
3:40 am
cool. >> the airport diner. ainsley: people still think you're crazy. >> brian, you remember certain things, and this one's stuck in your brain. never going to go away. [laughter] steve: i don't think they're flying those planes into that airport. brian: not anymore. steve: pete, thank you very much. that was excellent. it is 14 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: okay. we're going to hand it over to jillia, in the. >> good morning, guys. fox news alert, the american coalition forces under attack this morning in northeast syria with. a military spokesman says the troops were on patrol when they came under fire by pro-syrian regime forces. our troops returned fire before heading back to base. so far no word on injuries. we will keep you updated. the man who intentionally ran down a tent full of republican volunteers told detectives he didn't like president trump. a police report revealed suspect gregory kim recorded himself driving towards the tent in jacksonville, florida.
3:41 am
the video cut before he hit anything which he described as, or quote, the good part. he also told detectives, quote, someone had to take a stand. thank friday, no one was hurt -- thankfully. leaders in one americanty want it to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. commissioners in lawrence, kansas, say they're generally satisfied with a proposal to limit police cooperation with i.c.e. police chief says you should the draft -- under the draft proposal officers won't detain a person for i.c.e. or question anyone about their immigration status. the commission will schedule a vote on the proposal. well, you might want to think simple for valentine's day. [inaudible conversations] >> i'm having a relationship with my -- [inaudible] >> a new survey finds 41% of people consider pizza to be the most underrated valentine's day food. desserts, fried chicken,
3:42 am
barbecue and tacos also at the top of that list. but, sean, if you're listening, i was going to toss to janice, i was going to say i know janice would like pizza, what do you guys think? would you like that? steve: i like pizza any day. >> i agree. ainsley: definitely my favorite. brian: peanut butter and jelly. steve: you mentioned sean, sean is actually the husband of janice dean, and he she is backt our new york city headquarters. how would sean feel about pizza? janice: it's all the good groups -- iowans are you one of those families that do it on sunday night? >> every night of the week, if we could. [laughter] brian: why didn't jillian toss right to you? weather.od question. we have some potential for heavy flooding, unfortunately, across the south making headlines over the mississippi, the ohio, tennessee river valley. one more day of this, and then this system will be on the move finally, and winter weather
3:43 am
advisories on the north side of this storm, blizzard warnings as well for parts of the dakotas in through minnesota. we will keep you up to date on the weather and pizza toppings. back to you, steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: hawaiian. steve: big program still ahead, ed henry and sandra smith are going to join us on the curvy couch. there they are the right there. plus, michael bloomberg doubling down on husband apology after a -- his apology. ainsley: miranda devine says bloomberg needs to stop apologizing, and she's here next. steve: how are you? >> hello. muck i. ♪ alexa, tell me about neptune's sorrow. it's a masterstroke of heartache and redemption. the lexus nx. modern utility for modern obstacles. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months.
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♪ ♪ steve: well, billionaire michael bloomberg, picture right there, doubling down on his apology for stop and frisk after this 2015 audio recording resurfaced yesterday.
3:48 am
steve: wow. brian: by the time i left office; i cut it back by 95%, stop and us fromming, but i should have done it faster and sooner. i regret that and i have apologized. this issue do not reflect my commitment to criminal justice reform and racial equity. ainsley: could this recording do his campaign though? miranda divine is here to react. do you think he should have just owned it? >> he should have. this is what donald trump does. you can't be a leader and think that you weiseling out of -- wel out. what he did in new york as mayor in his 12 years, that was the biggest achievement, was to keep crime rates down to the lowest
3:49 am
rate possible following on some rudy giuliani. and part of that was extreme policing in high crime areas. and who were the victims of shootings and, you know, this kind of violence, but minorities, black communities. and, you know, since those in the name of anti-racism, since those policies have been removed, you now are seeing shootings are up 30%, and it's not safe in those areas. just a few weeks ago a 16-year-old black boy playing basketball in queens just around the corner from his house was shot by -- and killed -- by a stray bullet. steve: the polling shows that bloomberg is up 20% with black voters -- >> yes. steve: at the same time, the fact that that audio dropped yesterday is no coincidence. >> no coincidence at all because joe biden at the same time has lost 20 points with black vote ors. so they're trying to, i think, take the shine off bloomberg who spent a monitor advertising and
3:50 am
getting his numbers up. but the fact is that, you know, it's family -- doesn't matter what race you are, you want your child to be safe, to be able to play basketball without getting shot. brian: absolutely. we'll see what happens. he's actually officially getting on the debate stage in nevada, up super tuesday on march 3rd. we'll see how -- steve: all right. miranda, thanks so much. >> thanks, steve. steve: she was at the big bernie bash last night til real late. still a big hour late from new hampshire, we've got ed henry and zap that smith joining us -- and sandra smith. brian: oh, look at this. together again. ♪ ♪ when it comes to autism,
3:51 am
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3:55 am
high school performing superstition in front of the bedford the village in here. currently, outside it's freezing in the feels like temperature is 26 so for them to be able to play those instruments and semi that. ainsley: we have bill hemmer up, juan williams, sandra, ed is up and sean hannity is just waking up i assume. steve: kris jenkins about 5 miles away from us with a recap of last night. ainsley: results are in. reporter: they are. good morning. it was closer than we expected when the candidates came here a week ago. bernie sanders won four years ago by 22 points and last night by less than two points, nonetheless a victory is a and sanders c. [cheers and applause]
3:56 am
>> thank you new hampshire. of this is a movement from coast to coast. we are going to nevada. we are going to south carolina. we will win at those states as well. [cheers and applause] reporter: let's look at the numbers with sanders 25.73, pete buttigieg 24.44, amy klobuchar surprising everyone 19.8, warren night-- 9.3 and biden 8.4. we caught up with their -- pete buttigieg moments ago and he is feeling quite emboldened about last night. glisten. >> we are thrilled, i mean, we had a phenomenal finish and i don't think most people thought this possible when we got in the race, but two states are two states and now, we have to demonstrate a broad coalition and just as we did here in new hampshire, we won't let anyone out work is in the states ahead. reporter: hands down the biggest
3:57 am
surprise of the night, amy klobuchar with that third place finish making a well-known she belongs in this race now. here's some of what she had to say. >> we have the not odds every step of the way. [cheers and applause] we are taking this campaign to nevada. we are going to see south carolina. we are taking this message of unity to the country. reporter: everyone's going to be talking today about whether or not biden is in serious trouble or not with that finish. he fled before the results came in to south carolina rethinks african-american votes will bring his campaign back, but he's already committing a gap in the palmetto state. listen to this. >> it is important that iowa and nevada have spoken, but super tuesday states and beyond.
3:58 am
reporter: we had to drop outs, they gang gang and senator michael bennet dropping out, next up nevada their caucus february 22, quickly in the last 30 minutes we have seen an e-mail from michael bloomberg, unique strategy announcing while he's putting a general election team in here and name to stop already. steve: that's interesting. brian: that's kind of bizarre. steve: good job catching up to the candidates. meanwhile, take it over the channel in about 56 minutes' sandra smith and ed henry. good morning. what's your headlines? brian: are you going to tease your show? ainsley: can you believe biden came in fifth place win a few months ago he was the front runner. >> we went to a biden rally a couple among days ago and there were only hundred and 50-- 150 or so supporters. >> as many as the reporters.
3:59 am
>> they were preparing for this because when you asked they already knew who their backup candidate was in a lot of them said it was amy klobuchar you have to wonder if she benefited. steve: she had a good debate. >> the electability argument, she's putting herself out there is the best one to be donald trump. brian: let's look at the delegate count, pete buttigieg h warren still in, but i don't how much longer she can do this. mentioned senator amy klobuchar, biting, tom steyer. bloomberg, patrick. patrick could bow out today. the question is mayor pete, does he have it tomorrow because this was his strong point. >> u of minnesota in clover chars-- amy klobuchar home state, so there are some states where pete buttigieg with this midwest
4:00 am
message could be good for him and i think we're underselling bernie because it was a narrow win, that he won anyone the popular vote in iowa, a socialist democrat is now their front-runner and i think it's a something a lot of party officials are nervous about and brian, we were talking about this, it puts the democratic party in a bit of a box. if they allow bernie sanders to be the nominee and if he keeps it going, president trump is itching to put that on the ballot and if you block bernie sanders for the second, a row it looks like was engineered to block him and some people will say -- they will be upset. ainsley: if he-- so many people who think it's a democratic primary. is also a republican primary. look how many with 87% reporting at this point, 100-- more than 120,000 people voted for it from, but compared to obama and clinton. >> the "wall street journal" editorial take away was a glowing
4:01 am
review for democracy, note-- new hampshire knows how to count votes brian: thankfully. steve: bernie one in like the worst way because ed, when you look at 2016, he actually last night got 75000 fewer votes than he did four years ago. remember four years ago bernie had 60%, hillary clinton-- there were more but nonetheless it was a much more narrow thing because people are shopping around thinking i wonder what's going on. >> to sanders point about the biden rally we went to, we heard all of this about in iowa and now in new hampshire about her now and, yes, i think turnout was pretty good in new hampshire. iowa was disappointing for democrats. the same night we were at the biden rally with 150 people president trump came in and his overflow crowd was bigger than biden's actual event. in that arena he had 10 or 12000 people. big picture, he has some enthusiasm.
4:02 am
>> i told that when i woke up this morning and went through the editorial pages, it was hard to find a glowing review from even the publication about what happened last night. i think the "new york times" editorial board, bernie prevails, queue the party panic. their number one goal is to be donald trump. brian: i think we are putting emphasis on the top, but when you have a massachusetts senator with a lot of money and publicity like elizabeth warren who was leaving for a brief time in the summer and if she falls like she did, you have to think everyone when she drops out to my bernie theoretically gets those supporters and number two is what happened, how do she ratiarch 3, on super tuesday? ainsley: what do you think happened it to her quirks. >> she was the one who said on the capitalist and for the free market. socialist one last night and the question is in this economy, you hear
4:03 am
the president talk about the chairman of the federal reserve yesterday and his conclusion is the economy is in a very good place. you hear it and see it everywhere with the numbers. can a socialist-- democrats have to ask themselves this morning can a socialist we do in this economic environment, i mean, the economy is booming under donald trump. brian: again, healthcare is the number one issue. the administration is batting zero on. climate change, that's the second most of-- import thing among voters and 30's income inequality, those are the voters and the issues. >> i watch healthcare when you talk about the issues because democrats did well with healthcare the midterms and since then i think republicans on the hill have to figure out where they are headed and what their messages because there will be a lot of democrats talking about it. steve: in 2018 when the democrats effectively took control of the house, what they were saying is you cannot trust republicans because they will take away your healthcare
4:04 am
democrats never had a plan and it now you do here the president talk about healthcare and it was the number one issue with people i spoke to at the bernie rally. >> there is a plan, to your point. bernie sanders saying i'm going to take away private insurance from over 100 million people. steve: surprise. >> all of a sudden kamala harris was warning and she's out of the race and now amy klobuchar is one of the voices and she was the only one at the debate that said i'm not on board with this. it's being tested now. are there enough establishment democrats to take it back on bernie saying we don't want to destroy private health insurance. president trump is itching to have that fight. steve: if it comes down to bernie and someone else like bloomberg, and if a bernie doesn't win the nomination, all of those people who are behind bernie aren't going to vote for anyone else could they just won't show up. >> they won't get behind a billionaire? he's railing against billionaires and then a
4:05 am
billionaire will be the white knight, really? ainsley: who do you think will get the african-american vote? >> we will see and to sanders point about the event we were with the with joe biden a lot of people said give him time to wait till he gets to south carolina. time is running out. voters of all races are pragmatic and there was some who can win. brian: a lot of people are making the decision will they watch at 9:00 o'clock, give us the best. >> new hampshire gop chair will join us. from the white house we get reaction. brett baer, wake up wherever you are. he's going to join us with reaction and you have john. >> a democrat, the democratic perspective. there was so much chaos out of the caucuses in iowa and to sanders paul-- moment-- point moment ago, it still kind of muddled for democrats. they thought they were whittled this down, but
4:06 am
essentially five tickets out of new hampshire if you go all the way to biden. brian: and you still have couch game. handmade pillows, steve made them himself. >> either way, nice. looks good. she was fluffing it. brian: mine look so bad compared to yours. steve: i used it to work clothing store. ed, thank you. >> thank you. steve: 8:12 a.m. here in new hampshire. ainsley: there is our friend to new york. good morning. jillian: american coalition forces under attack this morning in northeast syria. military spokesman said the troops were on patrol in the came under fire by pro-syrian regime forces and our troops returned fire before heading back to base, no word on injuries. nearly 200 people are monitoring themselves for the coronavirus in georgia.
4:07 am
they will stay in isolation inside her home for two weeks after returning from china. so far, no one is showing symptoms. comes as the first group of 195 americans evacuated from wuhan, china are released from their quarantine the california air base. the group seen here throwing their facemasks in the air. i'm sure they are relieved. for federal prosecutor step down after senior doj officials asked for a lighter prison sentence for roger stone. former tripadvisor was convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering stemming from the molar probe. prosecutors originally recommended up to nine years but that us attorney for washington dc asked for far less time. senate minority leader chuck schumer calling for an investigation and tweeting quote the american people must have confidence that justice in this country is dispense in partially. former mlb * me about a bigger role in the baseball sign
4:08 am
stealing scandal than originally thought. a sports news site advice from other players on the houston astros to stop cheating using cameras and secret signals. an investigation named him as one of the main architects of the ploy along with bench coach alex. they both lost their job those are your headlights. back to you. brian: that's just beginning. when spring training starts it will be a bigger story. ainsley: we are getting yelled out. steve: who is up there? this hotel is been so nice and quiet in the hospitality is overwhelming him about it about 30 seconds ago that man. brian: heckling us. >> you guys, enough of the marching bandave to make suu are up. ainsley: jillian is doing the headlines and we hear someone yelling down at us and we look up and it's a sean.
4:09 am
steve: hey kids, get off my lawn sean will be with us in about 15 minutes. brian: he looks pretty angry. brian: i don't know if people interrupt you when you read. steve: focus. ainsley: anything else? brian: four years ago "fox & friends" went live at the data for the first time and then candidate trump-- this morning. ainsley: a second helping of a "fox & friends". president trump one by rallying voters as the outsider candidate. could sanders-- bernie sanders to the same? markets here within sight. market is here with in sight david: "life is complicated.
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>> we are going to win because we have the agenda that speaks to the needs of working people throughout this country. healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. we will make public colleges and universities tuition free and cancel all of student debt. brian: everyone is going to college for free if he wins. steve: self-described socialist bernie sanders rallying his base by building a movement instead of a campaign. ainsley: in 2016 president trump revolutionized the party and
4:15 am
it's looking like bernie could do the same for democrats, but will they unite behind him? brian: here to discuss it is best-selling author mark stein. steve: and sharp dresser. ainsley: best dress award. >> he just said to me this is northern grafton that's how well the governor knows the dress code. brian: coming up soon. >> your pocket square looks a lot like bernie. brian: fantastic. do you see the party going, okay, he's leading and if he does well we will unite around bernie sanders? >> i think so. brian: because i don't. >> well, here's the thing, cnn which basically a couple of weeks ago did a number with him with that elizabeth warren hit job cnn and msnbc are
4:16 am
starting to normalize a bernie and i think there's a little bit of danger there. he's a hard-core socialist. he's not a danish or norwegian socialist. he's a total failed state socialist and i think you will start to see cnn, msnbc those guys start to normalize those views. steve: mark, having talked to a bunch of those people and last night when he gave those comments, every person i talked to, not one has a problem with him being a socialist and you look at the surveys we are only% in this country away from liking the idea of socialism. that's really close. >> he basically single-handedly mainstreamed the word socialist over the last four years and all the energy in the democrat party any literal energy when you look at alternatives like joe biden is actually on the hard-core socialist and
4:17 am
klobuchar and she was the only one who actually. brian: she went yet, i'm against-- >> she stood tentatively raising her hand like you know a third grader in class who is it quite sure if she has the right answer. everyone is looking for the alternative to bernie. pete buttigieg, biden, none of them actually dare speak out against bernie except amy klobuchar. ainsley: why when you look at venezuela can you buy into that, when you look at what it's done in other countries? >> i think for a lot of these young people it's a kind of romance, which is what you're looking for in a candidate. donald trump had one answer four years ago to the fact that-- if you go to the northward to vermont ec peoples whose family are downwardly mobile which is the opposite of the american dream and trump has one
4:18 am
answer which is to crank up the economy, stop china screwing us over. bernie offers another way, which is the way that's failed every time a. brian: you also say look out for nevada, another caucus, same and there's indication the tests are going well. >> yeah, you don't need an app. i love this state. i've been here a long time. we have the same secretary of state. brian: new hampshire. >> new hampshire, since i moved here. he's likely to be secretary of state for life and he said something smart, you can't act a pencil to this is a state of paper ballots. of the iowa caucus, 1700 precincts in about 170,000 votes which means there's a hundred people in a precinct. steve: just count. >> 23 board amy klobuchar, why do you need a nap? steve: because they
4:19 am
factionalized everything. >> and then they say we tried to-- you know, that is new technology like from the last 10 years and then they try to telephone. to these guys, the telephone it to technology from the 1890s but it's like hello central, give me iowa democratic headquarters and it still doesn't work. just use paper and pencils like we do in new hampshire? brian: is a lookout nevada. ainsley: know another reason you love here are my no incomes tax and no sales tax. >> no income tax and note sales tax. brian: and a lot of flannel. >> was the sales tax in new york on plaid? brian: good point. >> ainsley: tartan tax. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, mark was talking about brian's next guest. brian: i always wondered what it would be like to be the governor
4:20 am
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ainsley: president trump celebrating a record-breaking victory, receiving more primary votes in this state of new hampshire than any sitting president running for reelection over the past four years. steve: i have a feeling he will tweak that, even lowly-- even though it was the granite state in 2015 our next guest says a president trump will win it this year. brian: new hampshire governor chris sununu is here to tell us how it all went. governor, you pulled it off. it's not iowa day one. >> we promised people we would get it 100% right, 100% reliable and we did. we take that responsibility seriously. we are proud the nation in trusts us with that first litmus test and
4:25 am
the secretaries day, attorney general's office pulled it off very well. all the city moderators as mark was describing one vote one ballot on paper, counted, we had a winner. we just get it done and very proud to do it the right way. ainsley: your state is a swing state four years ago hillary clearly be president trump by .4%, second in michigan. what do you expect, what are your predictions for this november? >> trump will win. we focus on the economy. we are very local, limited government, local control, what impacts our families, neighbors and community is often how we vote and president trump four years ago was talking about a strong economy and he delivered on it with more jobs, lowest poverty rate in the country, businesses flowing into new hampshire he deserves a lot of the credit. brian: that turnout was huge for him setting a record. >> 50% more than any sitting president. ainsley: what does that
4:26 am
indicate? >> energy, a lot of energy. people did not have to come out. they wanted to show their support and it will translate. steve: why do you think that is? to say that a president after after the impeachment fiasco which is how he would describe it that the republicans in this state are still behind him? >> republicans and independents. it's actually for the country to say there's an energy. brian: i wanted to find out after i weather's a lot of pressure on you in new hampshire especially you, governor to pull it off without a hitch so rather than waiting for today he allowed me too come with you yesterday to see how it was going. steve: you would like the assistant governor? brian: i couldn't make any decisions. here's my day with that man. i always wondered what it would be like to be the governor of a state during primary day let alone the first primary of this election season. governor chris sununu
4:27 am
says we can get a slice of his life. governor, has a going? >> rate. brian: game date. >> game day both republicans and democrats are coming out, a lot of undeclared voters. brian: the tension is a little less because you only have to worry about one side. >> you will see upwards of potentially a hundred thousand people are key was last night his big rally. >> i am thrilled to be in the great state of new hampshire with thousands of hard-working patriots. brian: you get the sense that he senses he could get new hampshire this time. >> you think the president loses by this much and ignores it? brian: he always remind you that that it like you-- him in the beginning. >> always reminds me. brian: you grew up around politics. >> he is famous for working so well across iowa as i try to emily myself worked with the other party being a
4:28 am
fairly purple state want get stuff done. brian: where are we going? >> great town, pretty large pulling place. it's about 2:00 o'clock so you will see average turnout. nice to see you guys. good to see you. brian: here the governor. greets everyone, not only the trump people, but democrats over here, amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren, mayor pete so you were just saying governor, you're here to make sure everyone is happy. >> look, we are new hampshire first, we really are. one of the many pieces of the puzzle with high voter purges the patient is we don't box anyone out. brian: i think you still good about what you just left. >> if there was an issue they would let me know, but it's a smooth the system, dialed in. brian: you want to go to a diner? >> let's do it. brian: let's see what the people had to say. >> y'all get out and vote today? brian: are you worried about
4:29 am
them taking the first primary away from you? >> if you can match our voter engagement come everyone participating, the fact it's not just about cities but rural areas, when you can match those metrics like we can in a purple state, come and talk to me but until then we will lead in the nation keep doing it right. brian: thanks, governor. and thankfully nothing happened after we left, so we can obviously say it went smooth. >> it went smooth and it always does. as a governor, a big thank you to them. brian: i always say this, he knows everyone's first name. you know-- they all know un they remember your dad. you could go right back. >> they knew your first name, also. brian: very community oriented. you say to people if you want to run in new hampshire, do it and he will 50 bucks in your pocket, go to kinko's and every member of the house of representatives -- you could knock on everyone store three times and get to know them
4:30 am
personally. anyone can win here. steve: i love the fact to included pictures of your father >> i don't know if i included those. steve: usage at a conversation with your dad. >> look, my dad is good and as a governor you think he's always telling me you have to do this or that any really doesn't give me unsolicited advice. the trick is how do i take his advice and turn it from 1988 to 2020 to modernize it. steve: what did he say about a foot. >> a foot? steve: keeping your foot-- >> he does a lot of press, but he said i'm pulling back because yor and i t want put my foot in your mouth. ainsley: everyone loves your dad and he's so smart. i said he's wicked smart and you said? >> wicked smart. ainsley: that's how you say it. brian: you are an excellent politician and a great governor.
4:31 am
thanks for the hospitality. >> see you in four years. ainsley: thirty-six after the hour, say it ain't joe, but it gives up on new hampshire. ahead, the spectacular collapse and sean hannity is up early. come on over, sean. ♪ ♪ if you looked at america like a bird and that was all you knew, would you really understand it, with just that point of view? we've got a different way to look at it. from right here on the ground. we don't just the united states. we see united towns. from where we sit, just down the street, near the post office, by the park, when we stop and look around, what we see are sparks.
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music: ♪ can't take no class by speabout this ♪] ♪ i'm on my way i'm on my way ♪ like this! ♪ hey! to start your investment plan,
4:36 am
and it sounds the motor to our next guest. steve: in fact in his rents?ements to appear on our steve: he had to have a marching band. >> i actually looked out my window two days in a row now, they are amazing. steve: they are amazing. >> i go to bed two hours prior. ainsley: practicing like at 4:30 a.m. >> i know, i heard. steve: when you went off the air they didn't have a winner yet and in the 11:00 p.m. hour they declared bernie sanders. >> there's a lot of stories coming out of here. governor chris sununu made a good point, joe biden left the state, a terrible fifth-place finish, but that's not how you treat people,
4:37 am
just like the way he spoke to that young girl lying-- steve: line dog. >> pony soldier, whatever that is not that it was terrible. you should've thanked the people of new hampshire even though he came in fifth place. that was a big mistake. ainsley: he should take aldo-- thank all those firefighters have went door to door. >> trying to help him win, he didn't win, you have to be a good loser sometimes. i think it was a big mistake. the biggest winner, look at the number of people that showed up for donald j trump, they-- same thing happened in iowa and it was even bigger in new hampshire. the other story is bernie is now the front-runner, pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar-- amy klobuchar to say she was a winner yesterday. steve: after a good debate. >> very good debate and i would say coming out of all of this such chaos disarray in the democratic party and democratic ranks and there will be another attempt probably to stop bernie sanders.
4:38 am
this is going to get very ugly very fast. brian: you sit back and watch these candidates with dramatically different philosophies to each other apart >> well, it's okay the really extreme extreme version of radical socialism, and going up against the president, other big loser yesterday was michael bloomberg. steve: why? >> look at the comments. brian: unionist-- >> it's not stop and frisk, it's the things he said in the way he said it, we put only cops and minority neighborhoods, we only arrest minority kids for -- throw them against the wall, not like he said we put some. he said all and he kept saying all. words mean something, that's where all the crime is, that's where we will send all of our call center of those kids up against the wall
4:39 am
, we are only going to arrest minority kids, that's not going to go over well because you have a coalition the democratic party, in african-american base that's a big part of that and the other news if you look on the converse side is the polls that have come out that show donald trump for president surging among african-americans, hispanic americans, all the record low unemployment numbers we have coupled with oh, he took on disparate sentencing which is reeling from a justice reform. i think it's a big issue. ainsley: out of the conservatives which upon it would you be most concerned about? >> if i was donald trump, i would take any of them. ainsley: it's going to be fun? >> i think so. looks, the hard part for anyone and that's why no one should ever be complacent is you are a republican running for president, you have to run the table, north carolina, when florida, you have to win ohio for sure and you have to pick off pennsylvania, wisconsin or michigan. do i think as of today
4:40 am
with the economic numbers as they are, being back the caliphate , taking out solo money. ainsley: economy. >> economy, energy independence. he made some a promises and kept them, the biggest cut the bureaucracy, nearly 8 million new jobs, 8 million fewer americans on food stamps and when americans get to compare and contrast, are you better off than four years ago i think donald trump wins. steve: one of the questions was, what's the most important issue aside from actual issues like health care and stop, democrats want to nominate is the one who can be donald trump and last night i was at the bernie rallying people were wearing-- >> i saw you with kevin costner. i didn't know he lived here. steve: know he came to support mayor pete buttigieg. regardless of the campaign they are wearing, we can be
4:41 am
donald trump. >> that's a big problem if your whole campaign, the democrats for three years i will ask the people at home-- good morning, by the way. it's very early for me, are you better off than you were four years ago and i think by every measure we are. secondly, what of the democrats are done to make us more safe, more secure, create jobs, prosperity, at some point hating donald trump is not an agenda that i think will resonate through the country. brian: if you look from the president side, his weakness perhaps is the number one issue according to the exit polls is health care, prescription drugs they almost agree on some type of bipartisan thing and if you are the president do you push for that prescription drug plan? >> i would. also talked about pre-existing conditions. one thing that infuriated me about the republican party is after obamacare was passed, they had 65 separate scop votes, we are going to really replace it and then when
4:42 am
they has a president that would have signed the bill they were prepared already and when it meant to something even seven senators two years prior voted straight repeal and they did standby where they were when it meant something so they better be prepared. there are great solutions, health care savings account healthcare cooperatives, no pre-existing conditions and you're right about drug prices. brian: i have some news i believe you can confirm, this is the best the hannity show has ever done, you are the number one show in cable and you just pulled off your best week ever, 4.9 million viewers. >> that's low. [laughter] brian: what does that feel like? >> i will answer your question because we've been number one a few years to develop people that watch as, they give us this opportunity-- i don't take myself that seriously. i think you know me pretty well, but i take what i do seriously. we live in an unbelievable age where it's like there is an
4:43 am
crisis in this country. we have been here from day one and i will tell you, we now have between the "new york times", "washington post" toothache news cable channels and all the broadcast channels actively activists trying to take our president. there was 100% positive coverage for the adam schiff show and gerald nadler and 95% negative for the president and that's how corrupt they are in the president is correct he's been up against democrats that hate him and want to destroy him and i call it the media mob. they hate him. it's such a disservice to the american people, but to answer your question, for us it's an honor that we get to give news and information that they can't get elsewhere. brian: appreciated. steve: are you going to add a marching band to your show? >> no, but i'm going to send, there's a guy behind the scenes, america, his name is gavin.
4:44 am
go right "fox & friends" whatever it and write gavin 5:00 o'clock in the morning. you are killing me. steve: band practice. >> by the way, the kids are great. they are wonderful. last thing i will say, you guys have been now for years and years and years the number one morning show. ainsley: thank you. we will be right back.95 thank you for watching what if we make king's hawaiian breakfast sandwiches? yum! and king's hawaiian monkey bread! yum! yum! king's hawaiian what an irresistibly delicious idea.
4:45 am
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ainsley: bernie sanders, pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar finishing one, two and three in new hampshire, selected the what voters think? steve: p is talking to them at the legendary airport diner, the side of the "fox & friends" first ever diner live shot four years ago this week. pete? >> right now, we have someone here who was there when you are here and that then candidate trump and switched to supporting him because of the airport diner. steve, you have had effects on the folks here. this is handy, lisa, dan, michelle and brian. you met donald trump here and you are undecided but chose to go with him then, why? >> i was watching him it is breakfast and talk to the staff and i like to the weight he didn't try
4:49 am
to persuade his staff to vote his way. you was listening to them and making up his mind giving their information and i like to wake he received information and didn't try to tell people anything. >> brian, one of the few people in america that changed his vote. michelle, everyone else voted for the president last night and you voted for total see. >> i think she will be the disruptor and once she gets the wind behind her back she could bring both parties together. >> you hope we have some unity here? >> absolutely. we need in this country. >> dan, you served our country in the marine corps and you are trooper here. thank you very much. >> predictable except for warren, i thought she would show stronger, that she's going down. reporter: bad night for warren for sure. lease, your thoughts? >> about democrats i think treat us like victims you know, no optimism for beck not
4:50 am
the happier warrior field. andy, you get closing remarks. >> i think trump will be any candidate on the democratic side. i think socialism lost last night. last time in new hampshire bernie one by 30 points. he didn't win by 30 points last night for mac he didn't win by three points a point and a half. thank you for your time this morning. we have more "fox & friends" on the other side. live from the airport diner here in new hampshire. exact same drugs. but they aren't listening. they've just raised the prices of over five hundred drugs. president trump supports a bipartisan plan, that would force drug companies to lower prices. but the senate won't act. tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now. yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual.
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>> before we go thank you to the marching band and cheerleaders. >> are you cold? wave goodbye, everybody. >> sandra: good morning from the beautiful bedford village inn in bedford, new hampshire, the first in the nation primary is officially in the books as bernie sanders pulls a narrow victory over pete buttigieg last night. >> sanders took the first clean win of the 2020 race after all that chaos in iowa. this primary knocked a few candidates out. the democratic field is still pretty muddled. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> ed: i'm ed henry. a big night for the democratic socialist. his margin of victory nowhere near his double digit win over
4:55 am
hillary clinton four years ago. >> sa
4:56 am
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